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If you ask 10 people about ramen, 9 will probably tell you about freeze dried soups from the grocery store. We’re here to tell you, that isn’t anywhere close to what real, Tokyo style ramen is all about. Our chefs have trained in Tokyo and New York to be able to bring the greatest ramen knowledge in the world to Baton Rouge.


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We serve passion

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Umami is translated from Japanese as “pleasant savory taste” and is considered the unofficial 6th category of tastes we experience. However, umami isn’t just a flavor, it represents the way ingredients are meticulously prepared, and the essence of the food itself. 

The way we describe it is the feeling of eating homemade soup from grandma. 

We serve passion

The pleasure of experiencing a new culture

We serve passion

The taste of

good food

We know that most people don’t think about ramen when they’re looking for a savory meal, but we’re here to tell you that our ramen will instantly transport you back to the kitchen table, surrounded by family and friends. 

We have been a part of the Baton Rouge community for over 15 years, across several restaurants, and we want to continue to provide the best experience possible with our new concepts. 



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